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Some people will tell you I sell houses… Don’t listen to them.

When the market adjusts, the home prices drop, and the precious home equity is melting away, you don’t need an agent to list your home. You need a promoter who will turn your property into America’s Next Top Model! I don’t just baby-sit your Open House once a week. I promote, aggressively, until tens of thousands of people are reached, and your home is sold for the best price it could possibly get!

And if you are buying now, don’t think that just because the market hit a downturn the deals are easy. It’s still a Chess game, and it doesn’t hurt to have a professional to help you negotiate. 

When people hear that I do Real Estate, many almost automatically ask, “Why?”

Good question. Why would I choose this over everything else I could be doing?

I often joke and answer that I do Real Estate because I do not like dog food. (Translation: I want to be wise and plan ahead financially for my latter years, and I found this to be one career path that rewards effort, diligent study, hard work, and service a lot faster than many others.)

True, but there is a lot more to the picture.

When the last recession hit, one of the prevailing themes in the news was the horrible amount of fraud and dishonesty in financial/real estate sector that devastated so many people. At that time, I was doing private IT consulting and working with house flippers on the side. I felt guilty. Why? Not because I was part of anything fraudulent, but because I did nothing to stop it. I was running my own show and it worked great for me, but it didn’t help anyone else. I was raised, educated, and taught hands-on many aspects of business and real estate, and I felt that now was about time I made a difference by getting involved in the housing market.

Maybe I won’t make a difference for everyone, but I can and will for some.

I’m not here to sell you anything, but if you are buying or selling, I want to stand by your side and help you get safely through what possibly is the biggest transaction of your life – unscathed. I also chose my brokerage team carefully after interviewing several firms and watching their agents at work. Century 21 CARE is built on integrity and quality of service first of all. In addition to me, there are several industry professionals who keep a close eye on every transaction to make sure all legal requirements are met, paperwork is complete, and every party’s interests are protected. We are a FULL service brokerage, which means we can take care of every detail of a transaction a brokerage could handle (other than what is legally required to be taken care of by title companies, home inspectors, etc.). 

If there is money to be made, but the transaction will hurt someone financially, we are not interested.

To backtrack a little, my first education was in Cyber Security (I have a Master’s), and the reason I got involved in that is because I wanted to know how to keep people safe in this digital age. I’m here to watch your back. The Real Estate career has not changed that.

I’m not here to give you hype or hard-sell sale pitch. I want to be the information source, a guide, and the help you need to feel confident and at peace as you sell your home, buy your dream house, or get investment properties that will take care of you financially in the future.

You are always welcome to reach out to me by phone or email if you are looking for information or just want to ask a question.

Thinking of making a move in 2019? Let’s make it a winning one!


Marina Alkasas | Realtor® | Cal DRE License # 02070557 | Century 21 CARE

1081 Grand Ave, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

(909) 305-3519 | marina@malkasas.realtorhttp://malkasas.com

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