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1. Get an Estimate of a Home’s Value

The first step in selling your property is finding out what it is worth in CURRENT market. Not ready to hire an appraiser or get a detailed Current Market Analysis (CMA report) from a real estate professional?

Use this FREE home valuation tool and get results in 60 seconds!

Online 60-second Home Valuation Tool

*Small note of disclaimer: The home valuation tool has a huge database of addresses and specific homes, but it is not Oracle; it doesn’t know EVERYTHING. Every so often it may draw a blank and not find your home in its records. No worries! Email me instead and I’ll send you a FREE Comparative Market Analysis with the estimated price for your home, so you still get the promised FREE valuation: 


2. Buying? – Search the CURRENT listings FREE! Selling? – Check Out the Competition!

Send me an email and I’ll create a FREE account for you today!

Take a look at comparable properties and see what sells, how it is staged, and what the competition does to attract buyers!

Try FREE access to CURRENT listings through my online app at no cost or obligation! No credit card required, no fees, and no hidden charges – you can start your search today! Still attached to Zillow? No problem! Keep using it, just have my app open at the same time, so you can double-check a home’s current status and are not wasting your precious time on properties that may already be off the market.

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